How can we help


How can we be useful?


Licensing and execution of studies and projects
Project coordination
Guarantee of compatibility of specialties
Problem’s anticipation
Good communication during the process

Before the construction

Project review
Building inspections

During the construction

Construction oversight (cost control, verification of project compliance, fulfillment of planning)
Security coordination

End of the construction

Energetic certification
Acoustic tests
Self-protection measurements (MAPs)
Final screens
Habitation technical documentation

What are our areas of operation?

  • Tourism
  • Transports
  • Offices
  • Business
  • Retail
  • Industry
  • Sport
  • Old homes
  • Health
  • Teaching
  • Services
  • Banks
  • Restoration
  • Museums
  • Urbanism
  • Residential

What are our services?

All the specialties are developed internally at ASL
We guarantee project compatibility and we make interference analysis to prevent construction problems

Contract search and management
Costs and deadline’s planning and control
Construction oversight and coordination

Energy audit
Survey and calculation of building energy performance
Issuance of energy certificates

Due Diligence
Preventive engineering
Technical expertise reports
Inspection reports and structural and non-structural diagnostic
Habitation technical documentation
Seismic vulnerability analysis

To obtain building (air sounds, percussion, facades and equipment’s noise) and environmental (ambient noise and incommodity criteria) use license

The high performance of our team is based on experience and capacity of technological innovation

We do all the specialties


Concrete, steel and timber structures
Resistant masonry
Special foundations
Containment structures

Mechanical installations

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Transport of cargo and people

Thermal and acoustic

Building energy performance
Building and auditorium acoustic
Equipment vibration analysis

Electrical installations

Electrical installations
Telecommunications (ITED, ITUR)
Integrated security systems
Centralized technical management

Hydraulic and gas installations

Water supply networks
Sprinklers, drainage of wastewater and stormwater
Gas networks
Medical gas networks

Safety against fire risk

SCIE Projects
Self-protection measures (MAP) concerning to buildings of any risk category

Why choose ASL?

Because our dedication led us to success!
And because we always honor commitments.
If you are demanding and rigorous, want to work with a
reliable and competent team you will want to work with us.