ASL is a company strongly focused in the area of design and engineering consulting industry. Founded in 2006, bases its business strategy, in offering a global service engineering, in particular the advice and assistance to the Employer, the Development of Multidisciplinary Studies and Projects, as well as all the activities of the Surveillance and Construction Management, providing assistance in management and supervision of its construction (cost control, timing, ordering and receiving materials, coordination and management of subcontractors on site, etc.).. We have an appropriate mix of expertise, methodologies and experience that ensures guests to meet their needs and introduces the advantages and added value to this, greatly contributes to the fact that ASL is a company independent of any suppliers of goods equipment, builders and installers. ASL is a private limited company, having their pictures distributed by senior, middle and support services. It has an experienced, responsible, knowledgeable, covering diverse disciplines, and highly motivated young and innovative spirit. As such, it provides the customer with the allocation of resources needed at any time, to meet the objectives set. The methodology is based essentially on complementarity, impartiality and interrelatedness of technical, which translates, in practice, a thorough and rigorous discussion of all the technical issues of a given project – an integrated and sustainable basis – which ensure high technical quality of work does not neglect any technical detail.